Minister Albayrak Declared that Sea Wind Project is Coming

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The minister of energy and natural resources, Berat Albayrak, declared the details of the first sea wind project of Turkey.

The Aegean Sea comes into prominence for the first off-shore project of Turkey because Aegean Sea has one of the most wind potential areas in the world. Off-shore centrals are normally stated in 20-50 meter depth. According to information received, the first example of the central in Turkey will be near-shore because of the features of Turkey’s seas. That Turkey’s seas don’t have same depth with oceans will become an economic advantage for Turkey. Areas in the continental shelf of Bozcaada, the coast of Gökçeada, Çanakkale area and Saros Gulf especially have important potential.


It paves the way of industrial development

Hakan Yıldırım, top manager of the Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Turkey, stated that Turkey takes important steps to have a place in the first league in wing energy. Binali Yıldırım also told that 7 thousands megawatt energy from the last year will lead more improvement in the future and it open a road to various knowledge and skills.

The potential of Turkey is more than 7 thousands megawatt

Giles Dickson, the head of The European Wind Energy Assocaition, said off-shore centrals provide 13% of wind energy in Europa. He added analysis show that Turkey have potential to produce 32 thousands megawatt from off-shore centrals. “Turkey begins to see the contribution of this type of energy to the economy and this contribution will be done due to current substructure in Turkey.”

England is on top

England comes to the forefront with the investment in this sector like Denmark and Germany. The biggest off-shore central all around the world is in London Array and it has 630 megawatt potential. Hornsea central which will come into prominence in 2020 is stated in Yorkshie-England.


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