Neighboring Finance Center

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The construction of the financial center continues at full speed. Construction continues in Istanbul. The Istanbul Financial Center, which is under construction, enables the evaluation of real estate in the region. This financial center is located between Umraniye and Ataşehir. The work to open this place before the moment is running at full speed. When the work is done, it will be the first in the world. This financial center seems to be quite in demand.

Why Investments Are Important

Once the construction of the financial center is completed, this region will be valued more. So investing will ensure you get high profits in the long run. When the financial center is completed, many institutions and organizations will serve here. Many important institutions such as the headquarters of private centers, Ziraat Bank, the Central Bank will start to serve here. These institutions and organizations will increase the value of this environment.

Property in Ümraniye and Ataşehir

It is expected that the region will be further evaluated when construction of this region is completed and the financial center is completed. Housing prices are expected to rise in the high-lying region. In the coming days, it is expected to double the amount of the real estate prices in this region. If you are thinking of investing in this region, it can be said at the exact time.

Location of the Region

Umraniye and Atasehir regions are very advantageous in terms of transportation. It is very convenient to reach both inside and neighboring places of Istanbul. The distance to the industrial district of Gebze is very short. Within minutes you can reach a factory in Gebze. Moreover, thanks to the proximity to the Osmangazi Bridge, Izmir and Bursa journeys take place even faster. They are increasing the value of this region.

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