New Peoject In Old Prıson Land In Bayrampasa

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New Peoject In Old Prıson Land In Bayrampasa

Bayrampaşa former prison area to be used in urban transformation. The project will give 2 thousand 300 houses, but none will be sold. New residences in Bayrampaşa will be placed free of charge for residents living in unsteady buildings. In this way, the transformation in place will be unfolded. KIPTAS will carry out the project which will start at the end of February.

We Wıll Set A New Cıty In The Area Of The Old Prıson

The old prison building in Bayrampasa moved to Silivri in 2009. The land transferred from the IMM to the IMM by the Ministry of Justice was allocated to the Bayrampaşa Municipality under the instruction of IMM President Kadir Topbaş in order to carry out an urban transformation project. That's where the first digging started for the transformation work on the ground. There will be 2 thousand 300 houses, 327 beds research and state hospital, 3500-5000 vehicle parking lot underground, school, mosque, square, market place, sports fields, library, cafes and kindergartens. In this project which will change Bayrampaşa ' will also pass. The Old Prison Urban Transformation Project will be of rare projects with metro integration.


Earthquake Wıll Not Be Resıstant

The most distinctive aspect of the project is that Bayrampaşa citizens who do not live in depressed houses will pass the modern construction without paying fees. Contracts will be made with citizens who do not live in depressed houses by the IMM, and citizens will have new apartments to be built in this area. No houses will be sold in the project.

Fınal End Constructıon Started

112 acres of land will be reserved for housing in the construction area of ​​187 thousand square meters. 6 thousand 300 square meters of parks and recreation area will be designed as a project within the 30 thousand square meters cultural center, marriage and sports facilities will be a social area. The population of the project is planned to be around 10 thousand people. It is targeted that the construction works to be carried out by KİPTAŞ will start at the end of next month and a large part will be completed in 2019.

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