New Project Signals to Basaksehir

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Mevlüt Uysal, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, visited Basaksehir Municipality and met with both municipal employees and citizens.

Uysal, who made visits to the district since the day he was brought in, was in Basaksehir Municipality this time Basaksehir Mayor Yasin Kartoğlu and municipal bureaucrats hosted the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, did not neglect to chat with former colleagues and citizens in the surrounding area. Visiting all the rooms in the municipality, Uysal, who was interested in all the employees separately, also took a souvenir photo. Eşkinoz Creek and Bahcesehir Pond Landscape Design will be accelerated.


The Creek of Eskinoz and Bahcesehir Pond Landscape Design will be accelerated

At the meeting attended by Uysal, Kartoglu and the bureaucrats of Basaksehir Municipality, all investment and services related to Basaksehir were reviewed and existing projects were discussed. After the meeting mentioned that the urban transformation projects were discussed, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said that the work of the Creek of Eskinoz and Bahcesehir Pond Landscape Regulation will be completed as soon as possible, and the citizens will be served. Uysal also stated that he is also working on projects for Altıntepe, Güvercintepe, Şahintepe, Fenertepe which are among the most important projects of Basaksehir. He also emphasized the importance of projects related to the protection and increase of green areas and said that "Life Park, Indoor Sports Complex, Sports Hall, Congress Center will surely increase the attractiveness of the district of Basaksehir."

They say, 'The Mayor is giving preferential treatment to Basaksehir'

After the meeting, which was stated to be useful for current and future Basaksehir projects, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the projects planned to be completed before the election and the works that the Metropolitan Municipality could be made here were discussed and said that the completion of the projects is very important for the citizens living in the region.

Uysal, who learned the developments related to the projects of Basaksehir by realizing the last of his visits to the district, explained why he had visited Basaksehir Municipality in the following words: "I was here before the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. If I had done my first visit here, they would say, 'The Mayor is giving preferential treatment to Basaksehir'. After all, Basaksehir is a place we know. So, we hid this place in the end. We thought that Basaksehir District Mayor Yasin Kartoğlu will decide what to do here and then we will visit. We have many projects for Basaksehir.”

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