No More Satellite Can Be Placed On Balconies

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It is end of a term and starting new term for satellites on balconies. New arrangement is coming for satellites on balconies. You can not place your satellite on your balcony anymore. 

The electronic communication infrastructure in the buildings is changing. According to the specifications prepared by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK), vertical shafts (cable racks) shall be installed up to the indoor receptacles of fiber optic, ethernet, satellite antenna and cable TV cables.The central system to be brought will bring with it many conveniences and easiness. Higher quality broadcasts possible with these cables. These cables came into your house and you will not need satellites. People will not have to buy new satellites. This will allow people to save money.



When the building is being built, cable must be taken from the roof to all the apartments to be able to receive satellite broadcasts. Thus the image pollution created by the satellites on the balconies will be prevented. With the removal of the satellite, it is aimed to achieve a more orderly apartment and city image. It is known that satellites or receivers, which are located separately on every house balcony, cause serious image pollution. Does this arrangement include your building and balcony?


Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) is the body that checks edit the telecommunications sector in Turkey. BTK is Turkey's first sectoral regulatory authorities. BTK started working on image pollution of satellites on balconies and facades. BTK President Ömer Fatih Sayan said that the regulation did not affect the old buildings that were built for new buildings. If a new building is being built, they have to be careful with this arrangement. New buildings will be have centralized system.

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