Number of People Coming to Uludağ More than the Population of Many Provinces

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Bursa is one of Turkey's most popular winter centers. Every year thousands of visitors are hosted. Especially those who live in Istanbul come to ski here at the weekend. Bursa is very close to Istanbul due to transportation. As a result, it is highly preferred. Bursa has many interesting points such as interesting and culture nightlife, dishes not found everywhere, chestnut candy, İskender Kebabı, Uludağ.


How is transportation provided?

Uludag is 140 km away from Istanbul. Bursa is located 36 km south of the city center. It is possible to leave Uludağ by car or cable car from Bursa center. Also, ferry lines between İstanbul and Mudanya are working for those coming from Istanbul. In addition, the transportation time has been shortened with the newly opened Osmangazi Bridge.

The Best Time to Ski in Uludag

The most suitable season for skiing in Uludag is generally from 20 December to 20 March. These days the thickness of the snow is approaching 2 meters. The ski areas are located at 1900-2500 m. Skiers who do not ski can rent. Those who want to learn can hold teachers.

Everyone is Going Tattooed

Uludag is preferred by many people. After entering the interlude, the visitor flow started. It is estimated that more than 7000 vehicles have gone to Uludağ. The number of visitors is estimated to be 50 000. There are many reasons for this. The biggest reason is that it is very close to Istanbul. It can also be considered to be located at a short distance to the center of Bursa.

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