Özhaseki: “1.6 million work place and housing changed hands in 2016”

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Minister Mehmet Özhaseki states that 1 million 567 thousands 295 independent section passed in other hands in 2016 all around the country.

Minister of Environment and City Planning Mehmet Özhaseki informs about hand-overs of 1 million 597 thousands 295 workplace and housing in 2016 all around Turkey.




Minister Özhaseki said, in accordance with the data of 2016 belonged to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster, “In 2016, Istanbul which has 278 thousands 353 buying and selling, is located at the top in order while Hakkari which has 193 independent section hand-over is at the bottom in order.”

Environment and City Planning Minister Mehmet Özhaseki states that “After Istanbul, 163 thousands 62 in Ankara, 94 thousands 499 in Izmir, 67 thousands 260 in Antalya and 60 thousands 411 in Bursa are the numbers of hand-overs of independent sections. Least hand-over numbers, after Hakkari, is realized as following; 592 in Şırnak, 781 in Bayburt and 830 in Ardahan.”

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