People Who Are From Iraq Are Buying A House From Samsun

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99 people who are from Iraq and totally 119 foreign people who are from different nations bought the house from Samsun in the first three months of this year.

Turkey’s fame about natural beautiful spread to all Arab and Gulf countries. from these countries are buying homes in various cities in Turkey.

While there has been an increase in sales of real estate to foreigners in recent years, Samsun is also one of the most preferred cities in the Black Sea. While 119 foreign nationals from 13 countries were buying real estate from Samsun and its districts, Iraqis took the most real estate.


Foreigners prefer Samsun in particular. In the first 3 months of 2018 in Samsun, 119 foreign people who are from 13 different countries became real estate owners. Among these countries, people who are from Iraq took the first place about buying houses in Turkey.


Authorities; In the first three months of this year, explained the number of people who bought houses in Turkey.

4 people who are from Germany, 3 people who are from the United States, 3 people who are from Azerbaijan, 2 people who are from Jordan, 1 person who is from Austria, 1 person who is from the United Arab Emirates, 1 person who is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 person who is from Iran, 1 person who is from Kazakhstan, 1 person who is from Kyrgyzstan, 1 person who is from Turkmenistan, 1 person who is from New Zealand and 99 people who are from Iraq bought houses in Turkey.

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