Rail System Projects To Be Completed in 2018

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Some important rail system projects will be done in 2018.Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that some of the continuing rail system projects will be ready to serve within this year. There are many ongoing projects which will be great solutions to reduce Istanbul’s traffic jam greatly. Also, the number of the railway lines for these rail systems improves.

Travel Time Between Some Stations To Be Reduced 

The transportation time between districts of Istanbul for example from Üsküdar to Çekmeköy will be reduced to 27 minutes after the project is finished. The Ümraniye – Çekmeköy subway and the Üsküdar Ümraniye subway which was first opened and presented by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be ready for transportation services this year.

Non-Stop Transportation Between Gebze And Halkali

The railway project which was started to service in 2011 will be completed this year, this project is organized to be 63 km’s long and considered as the continuation of Marmaray by which it will be possible to travel from one place of the İstanbul to another without any interruption.

Thousands Of People Will Be Transported 

The subway project of Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey is still being built. This metro line is planned to be 18 kilometers long which will be opened by end of this year as all rail system projects considered to be finished in 2018. There will be 9 stations in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, 4 of them will be completed later, and between Eminönü and Alibeyköy districts there will be 14 railway stations and this project is designed to be 10,1 kilometers long.

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