Real Estate And Environmental Cleaning Tax Starts!

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The 1st installment period of the year 2018 real estate and environmental cleaning tax starts tomorrow as of March 1st. Real estate owners will pay the property tax liability, and business users will pay the first installment of the taxpayers' environmental cleaning tax by tomorrow. Payments will continue for three months. The first installment period will end on May 31st.

Entrants will be able to cover all of the tax credits in this period. However, taxpayers who do not make any payments in this period and leave all the debts to the second installment period will have to pay late interest for their first installments.

Payments for real estate and environmental cleaning tax can be made from the district municipality that is affiliated. However, if the real estate is located outside the city, it is possible to pay for all the municipalities on condition that PTT is vacant or the Real Estate Taxpayer Tax Number is written on the Bank Account Numbers of Municipalities.


Household cleaning tax

The environmental cleaning tax of the houses is reflected in the water bill. Therefore, the environmental cleaning tax will be paid by the water user with the payments of the housing users (owners or tenants) who are liable. If the subscription of vacant houses is canceled, no tax credit accumulates.

Who will not pay the estate tax?

Anyone who owns a single residence not exceeding 200 square meters and does not have any other summer residence, such as a mountain house, will not pay the estate tax.

These conditions bear;
1- Those who are only one resident and have usufruct
2- Retirees – Those who have no income
3- Martyr relatives
4- Widows and orphans
5- Ghazis
6- The housewives may apply for a waiver to the county municipality with a petition.

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