Real Estate Certificates Will Be A New Investment Tool

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The Real Estate Certificate, which will start to be implemented with demand collection next week, was seen as a new investment instrument. Altın Emlak General Manager Mustafa Hakan ozelmacıklı said in a statement about the subject, “With these certifications, it is aimed that all domestic and foreign investors should get their participation in the budget in the project and be partners from the beginning.” Private Markets emphasizing that the Real Estate Certificate is a new investment instrument that allows the real estate project to be shared by everyone at the beginning of the investment and is offered to the public under the supervision of the Capital Markets Board (CMB). “These certifications enable all domestic and foreign investors to participate in the project budget And the project is intended to be common from the beginning. The first certificate exemption will start with the demand collection on March 29-30, and will take place in BIST from April 5th, as it will also allow the real estate investors to return cash without waiting.


Finally, Ozelmacıklı stated that: “Investors who receive real estate certificates must be able to have an independent dividend as well as they should be able to evaluate their immovable property in such a way as to earn income from real estate firms that provide Property Management Services. As Altın Emlak, we offer such a service to our customers with a special contract and we can provide all the followings of their properties “.

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