Real Estate Housing Purchased 7 Plants from TOKI for 1 Billion TL

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Real Estate Housing REIT (real estate investment trust) has bought 7 building lands from TOKI for 1,012,473 TL. These lands are located in Istanbul, Samsun and Antalya…

Real Estate Housing REIT, has bought 381,172.34 square meters in total 7 pieces of land from Toki. The company will pay 1 billion 12 thousand 473 TL to 7 land for Toki.


These lands are located in İstanbul Bakırköy Florya, Başakşehir Kayabaşı, Çekmeköy Taşdelen, Samsun Canik, Yeni and Antalya Muratpaşa.

Real Estate Housing will pay land price of 500 million TL 29 September 2017 450 million 12 thousand 596 TL 29 June 2018.

The statement made by Emlak Konut REIT to Kap is as follows;


“A protocol was signed on 30.05.2017 for the purchase of 7 units of 381,172.34-m² for a total of 1,012,000,473.50-TL for our company.

In Bakırköy of Istanbul, for the plot of 81,328 square meters in Florya, 422,905,600 TL,

In Başakşehir of Istanbul, for the land of 20,396.7 square meters in Kayabaşı, 57,000,000 TL,

In Çekmeköy of Istanbul, for the plot of 187,750 square meters in Taşdelen, 247,830,000 TL,  


In Canik of Samsun, for the 3 lands of 51,697.64 square meters in total in Yeni, 94,264,873.50 TL,

In Muratpaşa of Antalya, for the plot of 40,000.00 square meters in Bahçelievler 190,000,000 TL was paid. The purchase price of the land is 500.000.000 TL will be paid on 29.09.2017, the remaining 450,012,596.04 TL will be paid on 29.06.2018.”



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