Real Estate Paradise “esenyurt”

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Real Estate Paradise "esenyurt"

Population is quite crowded in Istanbul, especially where there are many different cultures. One of the districts that attracted this crowded population burden is Esenyurt. Esenyurt, which dates back to the historical Seljuk State, has been attracting many interesting aspects. Esenyurt is also famous for its crowds as it hosts many cultures. In recent years, the refugee area, especially if it is to be looked after, is the region that they prefer to settle in. In this sense, we can say that the population burden of Istanbul is shouldering. Many settlers prefer this region. As a result, the real estate sector is moving around.

Esenyurt Population

Esenyurt is one of Istanbul's high population provinces. The population reaches 370 000. There are many reasons for this. The transportation lines are close to Esenyurt. Metro, Metrobus vehicles pass through Esenyurt. It is also very close to Atatürk Airport. Due to these increases, Esenyurt has always been preferred by everyone.

Property Values ​​High

Esenyurt has a short depreciation period in the interior of Istanbul. This means that the investment will be recovered in a short period of time. You do not have to pay big money to live here. It is possible to find suitable houses for every budget. It varies locally. Changing house prices create an environment where everyone can buy. 1 + 1 apartments are sold in 68 000 Turkish liras. Larger and more luxurious apartments can reach up to 500 000 Turkish liras. There are many options for you to find a house that is totally suited to your taste and budget. Esenyurt from this direction is quite lucky. In addition, there are many factories around. It is highly preferred on this view.

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