Real Estate Sales Increase in Turkey

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Turkey Statistics Institution announced that the real estates' sale statistics of February 2018

According to the report home sales decreased by 5.4 percent in comparison to the last year numbers. Sale record is 95 thousand 953 for this year in February. The city with the highest share was Istanbul with 16,947 sales of houses and 16,9 percent which followed by Ankara with 9,668 residential sales, and 10,1 percent share, and the third one was Izmir with 5,965 sale units and 6.2 percent share. The lowest residential sales recorded in Hakkari only which 7 houses sold, so Ardahan with 8 houses and finally Bayburt with 31 houses.


Residential mortgage sales in February 2019 was 27 thousand 916

There was a radical decrease in mortgage sales in Turkey which was 27.8 percent compared to the same month of the previous year it was 27 thousand 916. The share of mortgage sales in total house sales was 29.1 percent. In mortgage sales, Istanbul received 5.190 houses and the first order with the 18.6 percent share. The highest mortgage sales were seen in Amasya City in Turkey with the share in total house sales with 40.8 percent.


More than 68 thousand houses changed hands in Turkey

In Turkey the other house sales increased by 8.4 percent compared to the same month of the previous year it was 68 thousand 37. Istanbul has sold 11,577 houses and placed first place with a share of 16.3 percent. The share of other sales in total estate sales in Istanbul was 68.1 percent. Ankara was in the second rate with 6 thousand 497 other housing sales. İzmir followed with the sale of Ankara with 4 thousand 57 houses. Ardahan was with 5 provinces where the sale of other housing is the least.

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