Reconstruction permit to Beykoz

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As a result of the legal battle for 35 years in Beykoz district of Istanbul; Some of the Çiğdem, Paşabahçe, Soğuksu, Acarlar shanty house neighborhoods were given permission to build.

The plans prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the district municipality were submitted to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly this month, along with the final decisions of the Istanbul Regional Board for Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Regional Commission for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Istanbul. The only rejection of Beykoz's regulatory reform plans came from the IMM Independent Assembly Member Huseyin Avni Sipahi. The verdict was thus passed by the majority of votes.


The quarry will not open!

From now on, without the approval of the Regional Commission of the Protection of Natural Assets, there will be no work in the area, such as land excavation and unloading, limestone brick quarry and so on. Public facilities areas will be approved by the municipality taking into consideration the environmental storey heights and will be constructed according to the architectural preliminary project which will be deemed appropriate by the Regional Commission of the Protection of Natural Assets. The details of the plan are as follows:

  • The second basement will be allowed provided that it does not constitute an independent section.

  • In underground parking and non-residential use, the building use area will not exceed 60 percent of the net land parcel.

  • If more than one building is built on a parcel, a design compatible with the natural environment will be made.

  • The minimum distance between buildings is 6 meters.

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