Regional Report: Latest Real Estate Prices in Etimesgut

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Regional Report: Latest Real Estate Prices in Etimesgut

Current real estate projects in Etimesgut, which is known as one of the provinces of Ankara's development, continue to be realized. This region, known as desolate and barren in the past years, has been renewed quite extensively in recent years. Etimesgut, which attracts interest of real estate investors in this direction, has many affordable housing options in various neighborhoods.

Etimesgut, which has an important position from the past to the present, is known as one of the central districts to the west of Ankara. To the west of Etimesgut, which is surrounded by the Yenimahalle district in the north, south and east directions, is the Sincan district.

Current real estate situation in Etimesgut

In addition to apartments built within the scope of mass housing projects, there are also villa-type detached houses especially in certain districts. The prices of villa-style houses, which are mostly located in the Bağlıca neighborhood, vary depending on the features they have. The prices of the villas in the site of at least 4 + 1 size vary between 500.000 TL and 900.000 TL.

For villas with pools, the prices are 1,000,000 TL. When the current real estate values ​​in Etimesgut, where mostly apartment type residential buildings are included, are examined for zero apartments, they vary according to the district where the residence is located.

The prices of 1 + 1 apartments that get the attention of investors start from the lowest 85.000 TL. This figure, which varies according to the districts, extends to 225,000 TL in the districts with more developed and good facilities. For 2 + 1 apartments, the base price is around 110,000, while the more prestigious apartments have a ceiling figure of TL 325,000.

Similarly, in 3 + 1 apartments located in zero buildings, the prices start from 180.000 TL and rise to 410.000 TL. When the 4 + 1 apartment types are examined, the prices vary between 280.000 TL and 580.000 TL. In Etimesgut you can find apartments with standard rooms as well as multi-room apartments at advantageous prices. You can also have 5 + 1 apartment for 4 + 1 apartment price.

There are many minibuses going to Ankara city center from Etimesgut, where Ankara-Istanbul train and road passes as the main transportation routes. Thanks to the minibus lines, it is easy to get to each other and to the central districts of Ankara from different districts.

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