Saudi Arabia Will Make A Huge Investment To Solar Energy

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Member of the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia Saud al-Kahtani said that the new petroleum of country will be solar energy. Kahtani announced this in his social media accounts. He indicated that this project will be the biggest solar energy project in all around the world. He also said that Saudi Arabia sign an agreement with a company from Japan. After the words as the new petroleum will be solar energy, Member of the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia Saud al-Kahtani said that they are going to do the biggest project in solar energy and they will take positive results within a short time like discovering petroleum. 


The geographical features of country is applicable

Kahtani continued his words by taking attention to the suitable geographical features of country and climate conditions that also suitable for applying solar energy project investments. Most of the necessary materials for projects can be found in Saudi Arabia. Thus, the contruction process will be money saving. Kahtani said that the great energies will be needed for future projects within the 2030 Vision to transform energy from petroleum to renewable sources. 

2030 Solar Energy Project

Offial agency of Saudi Arabia, SPA gave a news last tuesday. In this news, it had told that the future prince Muhammed bin Selman announced that Saudi Arabia sign an aggrement with Japanese Softbank to take necessary support for 2030 Solar Energy Project. The aggrement was done with CEO Masayoshi Son. Due to aggrement, there will be a new company to supply electricity production. In 2030, the solar panels which is expected to provide electricity in between 150-200 gigawatt will be produced and developed in Saudi Arabia. For producing and developing solar cells, necessary studies are still continuing in the country. 

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