Saudi investors get persuaded by Turkey with new-fangled incentives

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The government of Turkey has swayed out up-to-the-minute incentives to the investors of Saudi in order to magnetize more cash flows and investments to the nation, as reported by Al-Hayat newspaper mentioning Mustafa Goksu who is the senior advisor to Ahmet Davutoglu (Prime Minister of Turkey).

The investors of Saudi have been off the hook from VAT (value added tax) and customs duties on imports of equipment and machinery, which consecutively reduces the rate of investment.

Supplementary incentives incorporated prop up for social safety premiums, lower taxes that are to be paid by employees and employers, other than more public land allotments.

Real estate, energy, and automobiles embody the most capable investment prospects within the nations, as said by Goksu.
A recent study says that People from Saudi were the second leading property purchasers in Turkey, after Iraq.

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