Sea Castle (Deniz Kale) University Building Will Be Ready Till New Term

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Sea Castle (Deniz Kale) University Building Will Be Ready Till New Term

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan visited Kale district and met with AK Party Kale District Organization. Chairman Osman Zolan, who also studied the Kale university building, completed the rough construction of the charitable businessman Mustafa Üstek in his visit to the castle. He spoke here and emphasized that there is a potential for many university students as well as current students who have studied in Kale district.

President Zolan, "We want to have schools in Kale as well as different schools. At this time, the ongoing construction of the college has brought the philanthropic Mustafa Üstek Bey to a stage. We will complete the rest of the construction on the request of the people of Kale on the opening of a new college in Pamukkale University. Our people asked for it from us, and we are obliged to complete it. We are at the service of the fortress, servant. The castle's tomorrow will be more beautiful this day, already our people are auspicious and auspicious. "

President Osman Zolan tells us that they invested a lot in the castle such as infrastructure, superstructure, key paving stones, "We need a treatment facility of Kale district and we will make a treatment plant here." we have solved many urgent problems, "he said," we do what we need in all the districts without any distinction. ",

Thanks to President Osman Zolan

Mustafa Üstek, the philanthropic businessman and Denizlispor Club President, said, "We promised that we finished the rough construction of our construction. I hope the President of the Osman Zolan Bey in the next process will complete the rest of the Metropolitan Municipality ". AK Party Kale District Chairman Yilmaz Baylavli, thanking President Zolan for his visit to the castle,said: "This visit is a milat for me". Having said that the construction of the Kale University will begin soon, Baylavli said, "I hope this will be a great way forward in the coming period." I thank President Osman Zolan for his visits and services.

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