Selling Your House After Negotiation

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Selling and buying houses involve some important procedures and tasks which should be handled by house owners. Here we have listed some crucial things to remember when selling your house after negotiation process is over. 

Terms of the agreement, debts and insurance check

The terms should be defined clearly before anything bad happens in order to make a healthy agreement every element should be clear and not complicated.  The agreement terms should protect both sides.  Besides, it should be learned that if there is any property tax of property on sale and if there is any, the tax should be paid. 

Notification to tenant

If there is a tenant in the house you sold or you will sale, you should notify him as soon as possible, so you can avoid future problems. Introducing host to the tenant, and the neighbors and canceling early subscriptions such as internet, electricity, gas, etc is important

Secure money transfer, and informing the registration office 

There is another important thing which is notifying the registration office about the sale and declaring the exact sale and actual price. This is crucial because a wrong declaration is illegal.  Money transfer could be done by EFT or wire transfer. 

Finally, remove the ads

When all the process has done, it is time to remove all the advertisements from the internet sites or other platforms for the property you sold. Meanwhile, do not forget to tell your new exact location of the living place to avoid complications. Finally, all the papers should be arranged properly, for the registration

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