Shopping centers in Turkey

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The number of shopping centers in Turkey is growing daily.during Report of 2018 year of İstanbul Gayrimenkul Değerleme, according to figures mentioned in the title in the real estate market report by the end of 2017 12 million in Turkey shopping malls have 400 square meters of leasable space. the investments of malls, which is the product of today’s commercial center culture’ result, are going on. By the end of 2017, the shopping malls last year had stated 12 million regarding the lease contract.

Total Rentable Area (TKA) increase by years (m2)

Istanbul hosts 38% of the total shopping center stock, as in previous years, also in 2017 with the highest leasable area in Turkey has remained the province. Istanbul, which has a total of 118 Shopping Centers, is followed by 38 Shopping Centers in Ankara. 22 in İzmir, 19 in Antalya and 14 in Bursa. It is observed that in 2017, those who are planning to open in 2016 but who are postponed the opening due to economic and political reasons in the country.

Shopping malls have big area

With these inaugurations, the increase in TLA(total leasable area), which was limited in 2016, has increased rapidly in 2017. Moreover, it is also important to note that the shopping malls opened in 2017 are large-scale. The ratio of openings with leasable area above 60 thousand m2 in 2017 is 64%. 44% of the AVM stock which started service in 2017 was opened in Istanbul. While there was no new city opened in 2017, the number of shopping centers in Artvin, Düzce and Nevşehir increased to 2.

Malls are loved

Turkey has been an increase in the frequency of going across to Malls. The time spent at Malls increased. All these data show that the shopping centers in our country are interesting to the consumer and give us hope for the future.

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