Stone Houses İn Adatepe Attract More People Every Year

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Adatepe village is situated around the Ida mountains in Çanakkale, Türkiye. This old village is inside the natural SIT area this is why it is one of the most preserved, most beautiful places to live and see. After Ayvacık district, among the olive trees the Adatepe village, is so calm and relaxing, peaceful. This village shares the peak of highly clear oxygen with Swedish Alp Mountains in the World. Protected stone houses are local and foreigner tourists main focus, nowadays. Right now there are almost 500 people living in the village. The history of the village goes back to ancient times.

The stone house prices start from 2 million

Adatepe village is mostly liked by the people who want to get away from exhausting city life to reach peace. The village has signs of Leleg, Lesbian, Athens, Troy, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empires especially. This rich culture doubles the price of this cute village’s houses. There are 550 authentic houses, which surrounded by olive oil production areas, Turkish hammam, shops are built in old times and still protected. This village, in the year of 1989, is announced as one of the protected areas. In the first year, many people from Istanbul has moved there.

 No instruction or renovation is accepted

Even one single nail is prohibited within the village borders. There is no need to say that about constructing new buildings.  High demand of these ancient houses raised the prices to the scale of 2 to 3 million liras.

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