Studio Apartment Prices Increased 0.87% in Istanbul

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According to Reidin-Gyoder’s new house price  index, 2016 december datas show increasing in real estate prices.

Reidin-Gyoder New House Price Index with the support of Turkiye Is Bankası datas show 0.47%  in real estate in december 2016 to a month before.  Last years same period report shows that 2.97% increasing and January 2010 shows 71.60% increasing in the index.



In branded housing projects in Asia  side of Istanbul showed 0.62% increasing and in europe side showed 0.29% increasing prices. Asia  side showed 9.5 point increasing rather than europe side of Istanbul.

While in studio apartments show 0.87% increasing, 2+1 showed 0.52%, 3+1 showed 0.46% increasing and 4+1 showed  0.53% decreasing in the reports.

In december 2016 8% of the branded house projects is sold to foreign investors while most prefered apartments were 2+1.

Branded house projects buyers downpayment and bank credits investigated and found 44% downpayment increasing in december also 22% bank credit increasing. While december’s 32% of the real estate buyers go for finished projects, 68% of the buyers go fort he unfinished house stockings.

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