Sungur: “TRNC Real Estate Market Will Live The Golden Year In 2017!”

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Explaining that property prices will rise due to intense demand in 2017, Hasan Sungur, the chairman of Cyprus Turkish Realtor Association, expressed that fear of terrorism in Turkey would direct Turkish citizens to Cyprus. Hasan Sungur explained that there is no fear of the return of the Greek goods that are invested and that the sale of Greek goods will increase and the prices will also be appreciated. Stating that the real estate prices in Southern Cyprus will rise, Sungur said that the number of foreigners who will settle in Northern Cyprus from Southern Cyprus will increase.




“There Is A Serious Request For Northern Cyprus From Southern Cyprus”


Hasan Sungur stated that the real estate prices will come back to the old value as of 2017 due to the fact that Southern Cyprus has emerged from the economic crisis, “There are nearly one hundred thousand Russians living in Southern Cyprus. With the increase in real estate prices, 2 + 1 apartment prices in Southern Cyprus will be between 270 and 300 thousand euros They can sell the southern district and buy a new 2 + 1 apartment in North Cyprus from 80-90 thousand euros in good condition and evaluate the remaining money.


“Turks See Cyprus As A Safe Haven”


In 2017, he explained that the price of real estate will rise due to intense demand. Hasan Sungur, President of Turkish Cypriot Turkish Realtors Association, said that because of the fear of terrorism in Turkey, the people of Turkey will turn to Cyprus where they will not feel alienated because they are close to each other and spoken by the same language. Sungur voiced that the demand for housing from Turkey will increase.


For these reasons, Hasan Sungur stated that 2017 will be the golden year of Cyprus.

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