Tekirdag Port Is Being Transferred to Private Institution

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A new news has been published. This news was announced to the people on the website of the Office of the Privatization Administration. This announcement is a kind of announcement that many people can take care of. According to the announcement, the information to privatize an institution was shared. Information about which institution this institution was given. How to customize it. He also mentioned that he would be transferred to a private institution for several years. This institution will be transferred to a private organization for 36 years.


Which Institution?

The name of this institution is Tekirdag Port. Port of Tekirdag Turkey Maritime Organization is an agency of the Company. This port has a long pier and it is known that the pier length reaches 2100 meters. The area is also quite large. It has an area of ​​one hundred thousand square meters. This harbor has some structures that connect the two continents. The railway of the two continents is connected to this port. With the aid of the ferry these railways are connected to each other.

Details What Is It?

The information to be privatized of Tekirdağ Port was shared with the public. The customization administration has issued a new announcement on its own website. According to this announcement, the port will be transferred to another institution for 36 years. This port will be privatized. This Port will rent a company. The right to operate will be granted to this company. Then the state will take back the institution and manage it. Proposals for the tender will be received. In addition, a security deposit is required. Those who pay this guarantee amount will be able to participate in the tender. There will also be an auction.

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