The 2018 Real Estate Tax Period Begins In 1 Month!

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The first installment period of the taxes paid for the property will start from 1 March after 1 month. Those who bought real estate last year, those who sell or rent real estate and earn profits and those who inherit it will pay taxes.

The taxes to be paid are listed as estate tax, environmental cleaning tax, value-added income tax, rent tax and inheritance tax. The payment period for the real estate tax and environmental cleaning tax will start on 1 March and end on 31 May. Payments for value-added earnings tax and rent income tax will be made between March 1-31. The inheritance and transfer tax paid by the heirs will be paid in May, not in March.


The second installments in real estate and environmental cleaning tax are in November

The first installment payments and The second installments for real estate and environmental cleanup tax made in the course of 3 months are paid in November. Tax payments are made from the district municipality to which it is attached. Entrants can pay their payments through the e-municipal system through the cards of the agreed banks without going to the municipality.

The second installments for the value added tax and rent income tax are paid between 1-31 July 2018. Tax payments are made at the relevant tax office. Payments can also be made online from the tax office's internet branch.

What tax has changed?

At the end of the year that we passed, new regulations came to some taxes. With the Torba Law, which entered into force on 5 December, the real estate tax was set at 50 percent.

According to this, when the units of land and square meters per unit of land, which are appraised by the commissions of appraisal in 2017 for the year 2017, exceeds the 50% of the unit values ​​applied for the year 2017, the minimum amount applied for the year 2017 on the basis of the building and land tax values ​​for 2018 50 percent of the unit value of land and land square meters will be taken as the basis.

Again with the regulation included in the scope of Torba Law, the application of rental income tax expense changed. In determining the net amount of immovable capital income, which is a rent income tax, the lump-sum expenditure, which is applied at 25 percent of the revenue, was determined as 15 percent of the revenue.

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