The Arabs Are Very Interested in this Region

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There is Cambası Plateau at the Kabadüz district of the army. In the past days the ski center was opened on this plateau. The ski resort opened up allowed this area to be evaluated. Many people from home and abroad succeeded in attracting attention. This plateau has 2000 altitude. A ski resort was built by the Metropolitan Municipality. The ski center, which has been in service for a few months, succeeded in attracting everyone's attention. Especially Arab investors show great interest in this region.


Kabaduz Mayor Yener Kaya was in striking statements. Many foreign investors wanted to invest in the region. He told me that an Arab investor wants to build a holiday village. He also said he started research on the area concerned with this. It was stated that this investor personally came to Ordu and had on-site inspections. It is stated that this Arab investor wants to establish a $60 million holiday village in the region. It was learned that the same investor had come to the plateau before, and examined it. He also said that the number of tourists increased. As a result of the ski center and road works, there has been a big increase compared to previous years. Approximately 200 thousand tourists visited the region information is reached. It is known that most of these tourists are Arabs.

There are some criteria the ministry offers. According to these criteria, it is possible to invest in the construction of the district. Besides, the following information can not be ignored. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has already tendered it to investors in Cambası Plateau and 220 acres of land. It seems to open the way for these new deals.

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