The Average Housing Price In Beylikduzu is 303.000 TL

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Beylikduzu, which is in a rapid development with new housing projects, is one of the leading areas with its planned urbanization model in Istanbul. According to the index, which uses the advanced possibilities of digital technologies in real estate valuation, the average gross area of the houses in Beylikduzu is 129 m2, the average unit selling price is 2,600 TL / square-meters and the return time of the housing investment is 21 years. Housing options are available in different options ranging from 1+1 to 6+1. According to Endeksa data, the average housing price in the district is 303.000 TL.

Avarage Price: 303.000TL

According to the type of residence, the average values in Beylikduzu; 1+1 apartments’ price is 206.000 TL, gross area is 73 square meters, return period is 19 years. 2+1 apartments’ price is 243.000 TL, gross area 100 square meters, return period 21 years. For 3+1 apartments, price is 375.000TL, gross area 143 square meters and return period 24 years. 4+1 apartments’ price is 609.000 TL, gross area 189 square meters, return period 27 years and for 5+1 apartments price is 686.000 TL, gross area 229 square meters and return period 27 years.

Average Rent: 1.330 TL

When rented houses are viewed in Beylikduzu, the average gross area according to Endeksa data is 121 square meters, the average unit rent is 11,01 TL / square-meters and the average rent is 1.330 TL. When you look at the distribution according to the type of residence, the average value is 1+1 apartment rent 991 TL and gross area 72 square meters; 2+1 apartment rate 1.085TL and gross area 102 square meters; 3+1 apartments rent 1.473TL and gross area 147 square meters; for 4+1 apartments rent is 2.104TL and gross area 192 square meters, 5+1 aparments rent 2.323TL and gross area 218 square meters.

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