The Average Residential Square Meter Price In Cekmekoy Is 3 Thousand TL!

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Görkem Öğüt, Founder Partner and CEO of, which uses the advanced possibilities of digital technologies in real estate valuation, notes that the Çekmeköy district continues to be one of the most popular destinations on the Anatolian side for residential projects. Öktem states that Çekmeköy, which stands out with its villa projects mostly in the past, is one of the most attractive districts of the Anatolian side in terms of transportation investments and increasing housing projects and real estate investments.

Öktem says that the real estate in Cekmekoy is dominated by housing, he says that recently the third bridge connection roads, Üsküdar Çekmeköy metro line and the North Marmara Highway lead to the rapid development of the region in terms of real estate investment. The investors in the region, ranging from 1 + 1 to 5 + 2, offering a very different price scale and feature alternatives, indicating that housing projects are especially preferred for residential purposes.

The square meter price range is 2.825-4.150 TL

Öğüt gives the following information about the housing prices in Çekmeköy according to the constantly updated data of "The average selling prices of housing in the district range from 2.825 TL / m2 to 4.150 TL / m2. The average residential sale price in Cekmekoy is 3000 TL / m2. Residential rent prices in different housing types vary from 924 TL to 4600 TL. The average return period for residential properties in Cekmekoy is 24 years. The residential sales prices in Ömerli, which houses of villas are prominent, are quite high in average of Çekmeköy county. The selling price of the house varies between 7.700 TL / m2 and 10.825 TL / m2. Rent in this region is between TL 1,800 and TL 6,000, and the return on housing investment is up to 38 years. Cekmekoy'de housing sales prices after Alemdağ the highest areas of Reşadiye, Sırapınar and Huseyinli. "

Öktem says he expects value increases to be seen in Çekmeköy in the next period, and he says that Çekmeköy is currently meeting with different housing values ​​and return periods in different regions. For this reason, advise suggests that in the mid-ward, the county will have a more pro-rata value increase, especially in the developing regions.

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