The Developing Industry in Aliağa is Increasing Housing Demand

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The development of the industry in Aliağa brings the need for housing to the highest level.


İzmir Aliağa Municipality Directorate of Construction and Urban Planning, according to the data obtained in the last two years, construction of new residential buildings in the neighborhood and New Neighborhood is concentrated; it was observed that there was a serious increase in the number of licenses issued in parallel.


In 2016, with 138 building licenses, 925 apartments, 56 office buildings, 10 industrial facilities and 1 hotel construction were completed. In 2017, 325 construction licenses and 2 thousand 554 apartments 164 office work place, 7 industrial building construction, 2 hotel construction production continues. In 2016, all of the manufactured products were sold. The building license received in 2017 is completed in a short period of time such as 10 months, or the construction is in progress and the building is completed in the stage of completion of the building use certificate and electricity, water, natural gas and so on. 

In the last two years, while the new dwellings are concentrated in the neighborhoods of Siteler and Yeni Mahalle, parallel to this, the renovation projects in the city center are underestimated.


Tüpraş, Petkim, the Star Refinery, ALOSBİ such as ports and caused economic growth in Turkey's Aliaga home to giant enterprises engaged in parallel with the rapid population growth continues to increase the demand for new housing.
The leading producers of the construction sector paid due attention to the fact that the sale of houses made to investors from outside the district was a significant percentage of sales. If it is close to the whole of the houses sold, it is stated that the figures such as thousand and 750 thousand TL are given to the rent as unscented and asian.

The producers stated that it is 2 thousand 554 luxurious houses, which are produced and completed by building permits received in 2017. It is stated that this number will be close to 4 thousand with the addition of 323 houses made ready for the session with building use certificate. It was also learned that in mid-January the figures had 4,000 homes.

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