The Future of Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi Mansion

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The Hekimbaşı Salih Efendi Mansion in İstanbul was recently half-destroyed by a disasterous naval accident. The lawyer Nazlı Selek has stated that the mansion is said to be in danger of a collapse. The owner’s attorney, Nazlı Selek, has pointed out that because the structure has been gravely weakened, the mansion is in danger of a collapse under likely circumstances such as a sudden storm or an earthquake.

What Had Happened?

The accident had happened in 8th of April 2018 in the Bosphorus straits. The mansion was vertically hit by a freight ship with a Maltese flag. The 200-year-old mansion was split up in two. Fortunately, there were no injured.

Relics Lost In Debris

According to the news from Takvim reporter Mevlüt Yüksel, many historical relics including old pantings and antique furniture were ruined. It was stated that the value of pieces that were buried under the wreckage was priceless and that they did not have insurance.

Saving The Mansion Is A Priority

Selek has said that the owners had not contracted any insurance because the antique pieces necessitate a very high amount. Selek has underlined that their priority is to save the mansion thaht is in danger and that experts have been contacted for the restoration efforts. The lawyer pointed out that the reimbursement will be demanded from the ship that caused the accident. Selek has stated that efforts are currently underway to prevent such an outcome and fortify the damaged building.

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