The Goverment Provides Discount For The Transportation in Bursa

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This is the second time that the goverment provides discount for the transportation in Bursa!

1- Municipaty is gathered to talk about what will happen in the months that will come for Bursa

The second session of parliamentary meeting has been done in the Bursa municipaty to talk about the benefits of the transportation, taking advantages from it, making people to show their awareness and also the projects that belongs to Burulaş which is Operation of  Bursa Public Transportation. 


2- Why the transportation has been talked in the session?

The months that we past, The Mayor who is Alinur Aktaş has provided discount for transportation. The Mayor states that transportation is healtiher and having lots of advantages. Especially new generation public service vehicles and railways are going to be much safer and useable than the ones that the public have. Hence, The Mayor is planning to provide one more discount for the public transportation. Aktaş wants to improve  usage of transportation that's why Aktaş is going to try to work on it more than other topics which is current. The mayor has already started for new enterprise. 

3- News are..

Municipaty is focused to increase railway numbers to make to reach somewhere really easily and field mission will be started soon. The operation times are 3,5 minutes for main spine and addition of Kestel line with Emek and University allowance is 7 minutes for now. Demands are on this way. General manager of the Brurulaş who is Mehmet Kürşat Çapar gives attention to decrease the operation time  to 2 minutes. Additionally, the capacity of the current system is going to try to be increased in the process of time. Furthermore, Buruluş Academia and EDS which is Electronical Checking System will educate the drivers and will make them more qualified for the new transportation world.

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