The Government has earned 4.5 billion TL from public real estates

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The income from the rent, sales, easement rights of the immovables which are owned by the public is increased by 30.6 percent compared to the last year and it is around 4.5 billion TL. The data is received from Turkish General Directorate of National Real Estate, showed us; a total of 4 billion 515 million 759 thousand TL earned only last year, which consist of 2 billion 348 million 730 thousand TL from state, public real estates property sales, 1 billion 395 million 308 thousand TL from immovable leasing, 771 million 721 thousand TL from preliminary permit, easement and the use of permissions . The income was 3 billion 457 million 635 thousand TL in 2016.

So by selling immovables states earned 1 billion 271 million 259 thousand TL from land and land sales,  962 million 225 thousand TL  from agricultural land sales,  107 million 961 thousand TL from  7 million 285 thousand TL income

Government earned 7.2  billion TL from 2B Land sales 

The state earned 7.2 billion TL by solving problems with the land which lost its forest quality that known as 2B lands sold 503 thousand immovable properties and 700 thousand rights from February 2013 until December 2017
Between the time period of May 2016 and December 2017 government got 236 million TL income by selling 38 thousand agricultural lands to 45 thousand 700 people. 

Urban transformation is also supported 

Meanwhile, a total of 11,330 allocations of 7.3 billion sqm is allocated by the Ministry of Foresty and Water Affairs while the 4.7 million sqm reserve structure area, the 1.4 million sqm risky area and A share of 217 million TL of 2b land sales income was allocated by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to support urban and environmental transformation. 

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