The Greenest Cities Of Istanbul Have Been Determined!

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Green is the greatest thing in human life. With the increasing density of concrete in Istanbul, the rate of green space in the city has decreased. This has led to increased interest in green spaces. According to research, the 10 greenest districts of Istanbul were determined. Let’s examine all of these living spaces that will allow us to breathe.

  1. Beykoz

Beykoz is a unique Istanbul district where green and blue are combined. If you want to be close to town and get some fresh air, this is for you…

  1. Sile

Şile is located in the northernmost part of Istanbul and has a coast to the Black Sea. The beaches have a blue flag. This is the place where you can go to sea in Istanbul.

  1. Islands

It is composed of Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kinaliada and Sedefada.  These areas, where the traces of urbanization are less visible, are the perfect combination of the green area and the sea.

  1. Catalca

Çatalca is the largest district of Istanbul. This historic area has historical artifacts and a green combination. It is your favorite choice for those who are bored in the hustle and bustle of the city and want to return to natural life.


  1. Eyup

It is located in the city center. It bears the traces of all civilizations. Those who can not leave the city may prefer Eyüp, one of the greenest cities in Istanbul.

Other districts respectively;

  1. Cekmekoy
  2. Sarıyer
  3. Sultangazi
  4. Sultanbeyli
  5. Arnavutkoy

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