The heart of the trade ‘’Railway’’

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Big project When is the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Opening?

Train travel is always safe. Train travel is a pleasure. In addition, there are significant commercial transports between Baku and Kars. The transfer of these commercial products will be quite easy and cheap with the train. The two countries have also worked intensively to open this line. As a result of the negotiations, it was decided to use this iron railway. This trend is very important for Turkey. It is also very important for Azerbaijan. More convenient transportation of export products will increase trade.



Why is This Opening So Important?

The opening of this line is very important for trade. Turkey's agricultural products and many products are transferred to Azerbaijan. One of the best ways to transfer this is a train. With train work, these transfer jobs have been made easier. It's a fact. These railway services have started. It started on October 30th. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ilham Aliyev made the opening ceremony. The port of Alat, which is 90 km away from Baku, is the first stop. After the opening, the train starts carry load. The target of the train is Kars province.


Estimated Times How Much?

It's our first ride. The first train traveled to Kars. First of all there is Kars in the direction of the train. Then the train will go Mersin. Kars-Baku 826 km way between the quantity. Then he traveled to Mersin. In the meantime, 1258 km proceed way. It took 30 hours between Kars and Mersin. The train arrived on the 4 th of November. TCDD Transport President Veysi Kurt said that this project has built an important bridge between Turkey and China-Europe.

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