The Informations Has Been Given to The Russians About Real Estate Sector in Bodrum

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Bodrum is one of the biggest tourism center in Turkey due to its protected sites and charming sea and beaches. The real estate sector is quite alive in Bodrum. Russians has been given information about this real estate sector in Bodrum.

Bodrum is one of the famous cities in Turkey and it is a city in Muğla provience. This particular city has been taken great attention from both local and foreign tourists. Thus, it has quite active real estate bazaar. There has been a meeting arranged with Russians in order to share knowledge about real estate and tourism in area. The meeting hold in a hotel in Yalıkavak. Association of Real Estate Agents in Russia and Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV) members were in the meeting. 


Potential of real estate in Bodrum

The potential of Bodrum about real estate sector had been explained to the Russian Federation of real estate market.Igor Pasinchuk who is the Internet Portal Business Development Manager gave a statement to reporters. The statement indicates that there are tausand of Russian people lives in Bodrum already. Pasinchuk said that this number is changing time to time however the changing is not dramatik. He also said that the effect of internet portal that makes Russian broadcast has also a big influence on this result. He continued his words by mentioning about cultural and social activities in Bodrum and their attractive effects on people. 

The aim is to intoduce Bodrum to other countries

Tatyana Yuryevna Demenok, President of the Russian Real Estate Advisory Union gave a speech about their aim in Bodrum. She said that they would like to intoduce Bodrum to Russian Federation and neighbour countries which are talking Russian. In this sense they have projects. Demenok said that the Russians really like Turkey so much and they are going to do succesful investments with qualified investors. The Russian Real Estate Advisory Union has 85 regions in Russia. Their aim is to present Bodrum in their body. Demenok said that the culture, nature and architecture of Bodum impressed her so much. Therefore, she would like to share these things with others. 

Attentions of Russians to Bodrum is getting expand 

According to the statements of BOTAV General Secretary of Cemil Bayraktar the interest of Russians to Bodrum is getting higher from year to year. Thus, they have intense studies in order to improve this attention.


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