The Lights of 3. Airfield are on First Time

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The building of the new airport is finished 80% and the lighting of the airfield is done, which has 3 thousand 750 meter length and width with 60 meter. Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Construction, shared the photo of airfield on Instagram. All systems successfully work and they pose for in front of airfield lights.


As the report of Gökhan Artan from Habertürk, Funda Ocak, general director of State Airport Administration, said: “We arrange all preparations to that date. It is desire of our president. The airfield is ready for landing.” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkish Republic, has said that the airport will be ready on February 26, 2018.

Ahmet Arslan, the minister of transport, maritime affairs and communications, said all tests of the airport have been successfully done. He continued: “We invite our president for the first landing. It was important to make ready our third airport.” Arslan: “It is wrong to say the first landing date will be February 26. The first landing to the airfield will be done with president’s attendance ongoing days.” He also tells that the building of new airport comes to the end. And the preparations are continuing.

Employment for 225 thousand people

Arslan stated that this new airport will contribute to the Turkish economy and employment. “It constitutes 4,7% of the gross national product and this is a huge proportion. When the airport work with full capacity in 2025, we employ 225 thousand people. Even this news is exciting and shows how the airport will contribute to the economy. Our only concern is not employment but also to develop our country’s economy and trade. We want to involve in our economy to the top 10 economy in the world. This airport will be a great part of our intention.”

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