The New Avni Aker Project Introduced

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The Trabzon’s Businessmen Association MUSIAD Introduced New Project in Huseyin Avni Aker Football Stadium Area
MUSIAD, Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association in Trabzon, has introduced the new project to the media members which going to rise in the Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium’s area. Chairman of the Musiad Trabzon and Vice President of the Association (MUSIAD) also Young MUSIAD member Muhammet Kalkış presented the project at the meeting held in Trabzon.
Muhammed Kalkış, one of the participants of the producing in that project said “ The project that we would like to run in the area of Huseyin Avni Aker stadium, is planned to have a sports center, 2 basketball courts, one tennis court, a cultural center and a theater hall for 500 people will be built in 62 acre area. We also managed to integrate one in the art center here." 


City Needs a New Football Stadium

MUSIAD Trabzon Chairman Celil Hekimoğlu underlined that they are putting a great, beautiful project for Trabzon City, said:
"We played football in this club also we had the chance to run the football club as the president, to bring unnatural projects from out of the city is not right and without feeling the atmosphere projects cannot be done in a right way, so we have prepared this project. Only a green garden is not enough for us. We said a stadium for 5 thousand people, but we assume that there is something missing in Tribune. We do not say let's do this project in the first place but what we want is to contribute to the Trabzon and the memoirs of the Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium. In the project we have added a Conference room, we should evaluate this project in a well way. ”. Hekimoğlu stated that there are already 5 professional clubs in Trabzon,  and the city needs a brand new stadium for more motivated athletes.

All are For Trabzon

MUSIAD Trabzon Branch President Ali Kaan appreciated the young MÜSİAD members that created the new project and said that this project was produced for Trabzon.

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