The Rental Prices in Istanbul

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For owners, it is a good choice of earning money renting houses but on the other side, this situation has come to a compelling level especially for the middle-class people.  Seemingly, middle-income people choose rental houses in districts such as Bahçelievler, Küçükçekmece, Pendik, Ümraniye. Rental prices are more affordable in these districts according to 2018 rental prices. 

How much rental prices in Pendik?

When we look at the house rental prices in Pendik, we can see that there are some possibilities to find middle-class houses at appropriate prices. For example, a 2 + 1 house is can be rented for 800 TL. while a 3 + 1 is around 1200 – 1400 TL. Surely, the quality affects the price as well as the place of the house. 

Rental prices in Umraniye

In Umraniye there can be found rental houses for a price between 800 and 1000 TL but in new apartments, the prices are higher for a 2 + 1 rent price can be between 1500 and 2000 TL. House rental in Pendik, Kucukçekmece, and Ümraniye is more affordable. 

House renting in Şişli

Going to the center of the City, in Şişli for example, a minimum rental price is 1000 TL. The rental price of a 2 + 1 is around 1750 and 2000 TL. However, in Kadıköy, a 1 + 1 rent price is almost around 650 – 700. If you think of an option 2 + 1 apartment, renting one around 1500 TL is possible. The most convenient rental apartments can be found in Tuzla a 1 + 1 house can be rent for 550 or 600 TL. 


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