The Sheikh Was Disappointed

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Qatar royal family member Sheikh Nasser Ahmed Ali A. Al Thanhi is a chic hotel in Fethiye town of Mugla. The hotel can not find tenants for 8 months.

The ultra-luxury 189-Room Hotel, located in the Icmeler quarter of Fethiye, where many foreign tourists visit frequently every year, was purchased by the Qatar Sheik for $ 15 million in 2010. The hotel, which was later rented to the South star hotel company by Sheikh, was managed by the company from 2010 to 2017. Following the contract that ended in July last year, Sheikh and his lawyers met with the company to explain the hotel’s new rental price. As a result of the decision, the hotel’s new term rental price will be 1 million 200 thousand dollars announced. After this price was high by the hotel’s operators, the parties took the situation to court and the court decided to vacate the hotel on 21 July 2017. As a result of the decision, the hotel was evacuated by the police on July 27, 2017 at the time of accommodation.

Rent Too High

The hotel, located in Mugla Fethiye, was unable to host anyone for about 8 months. According to tourism operators, the hotel remains empty because the price is quite high. Except for taxes, the price requested by the Sheikh for the hotel rental is 1 million 200 thousand dollars.

”It’s sad for our region”

Bulent Bulbuloglu, President of South Aegean Tourist Hoteliers Association, said: “it is a sad situation for our region. Tourist içmeler Mahallesi is very important for our region. A large number of 5-star hotels are located in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, for years, the hotel of the Sheikh of Qatar is a hardship”

About 3 years in terms of tourism in a period of distress and this year the business is starting to get a little better stating that the President, the desired rental price for the hotel and business in this region can not be done, he said. He also stated that Sheikh had more than one hotel in this region and that all hotels were empty.

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