The Time Was Extended For The 2b Space

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The decision to extend the application period and payment period for the lost land, known as “2B” in the public domain, was published in the official Newspaper.
Finance Minister Naci Ağbal said in a statement he made in Sakarya in the past days that he would provide 6 months for the citizens who made the application for the purchase but could not pay the payment or pay the installment. The decision of the Council of Ministers on the issue was published in the Official Newspaper

Accordingly, regarding the sale of immovable properties located in the 2B areas, it was decided to extend the application and payment periods given to those who did not apply within the following period, those who did not pay within the period of the amount specified in the notification made to them, and those who did not pay more than two installments in installment sales.

The application period for 2B land transactions has been extended. Minister Agbal, two days later sona erecek 2B land transactions, the application period is extended by the decision said. Finance Minister Naci Agbal stated that they made the application for the purchase and made the application for the purchase but they did not pay the payment or paid the installment for 6 months and stated that “We are postponing the payments until September and also for the citizens who have not applied for the land to get this land. We do. ” said. Meeting with members of the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Minister Ağbal said that Sakarya is a province with important contributions to the country’s economy.

The said decision entered into force to be effective from the time of the present.

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