There are 250.000 Risky Buildings in İstanbul

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Mehmet Özhaseki, who is the Minister of Environment and Urbanisation, said that we can mention that there are approximately 50.000 buildings related to urban transformation Project, once it is evaluated as independantly this number reaches 250.000 buildings. All these actions deeply interest about 1 billion 200 thousand people.



İstanbul is the most crowded city in Turkey, due to its high immigrant population from all over the country. Received immigration is causing an irregular urbanization in İstanbul. In this context, there are many risky buildings in the city. To decrease this irregular urbanization, the government has been conducting new projects. One of these projects is “Urban Transformation”.

According to the explanation obtained by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, a meeting themed as “Urban Transformation” took place in Haliç Kongre Merkezi in İstanbul with the participation of mayors. Mr Özhaseki said that In the meeting, 49 places in 19 counties has been declared as risky buildings, overall sizes of these areas is 13 milyon square meters and he reminded that about 1 billion TL has been spent as an expropriation aid not to suffer anybody. Plus, He said that many unlicenced contructions have been appeared in this process but he emphasised that regardless their sources they need to overcome all the problems. If they can implement the urban transformation correctly and rapidly, they will have very important acquisitions in this process. The construction sector will rally as good as our cities are liveable. The developments in the construction sector will affect many other sector directly.

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