There is A Huge Demand For The 3rd Airport Security Job Applications!

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The amount of applicants is 8 thousand for the job announcement of the 3rd Airport in Istanbul which is for 3 thousand 500 persons, the number of applicants has reached its peak only in 20 days!
The new Airport is opening on 29th of October, 2018, the number of security staff that needed is 3 thousand 500 for the first stage of 3rd Airport. This mega project had a great number employees also while it was under construction, as it seems the Turkiye’s biggest airport, it will keep on employing so many people when it starts serving, by the way, it has already 31 thousand employees. 


Successful Candidates Start Working on July 

According to the officials, the announcement had a great impact on people whose profession is on security. Only in 2 days, 8 thousand people applied to the job. There are so many reasons behind of these huge number of applicants for this airport job. The announcement included full payroll, a long-term job, many social benefits. These opportunities have risen candidates interest for the job. Some of the applications are accepted their interviews are started. 
Candidates who would have successfully completed the interview will begin to have some basic comprehensive training on Civil Aviation Security in international standards at Hasan Kalyoncu University Training Center in Mecidiyeköy, İstanbul. Successful trainers will start to work on July

Istanbul AHL’s Security Guards Will Pass To New Airport

IGA is the company which constructed and has the operation right of the airport for 25 years has the aim to create its own special mass of civil aviation security expert which is established in 2013
3 thousand 500 people will be employed with security guards Istanbul New Airport, the airport will have the most security officers in Turkey. Atatürk Airport is expected to pass about 1,500 security guards to the Istanbul New Airport with a protocol to be made.
The Istanbul’s new airport is on the north of Istanbul, to the city center at a distance of 35km and 76 million square meters. The first terminal that will be opened in 2018 has  90 million passenger capacity a year and three pistes. The new airport will provide flight capability to more than 350 destinations with a removable capacity of 200 million passengers annually when all phases are completed.
the Istanbul New Airport, where approximately 31 thousand people are currently working will provide 100 thousand new direct employment opportunities with 1.5 million people with subsidiary sectors.

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