Things To Do Before Registering The Land Or House

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There are some important things to do when buying or selling a house, before taking the road to the office of the registry, like preparing some important papers, getting ready for some important points. When you take care of these important precautions, things will be so easy and fast in the registry office.

Papers to be prepared

Make ready the identifications of buyer and seller or the authorized representative, identity cards, passports or driving licenses are acceptable.

1 photograph for the seller and 2 photographs for the buyer. The photographs should be taken in professional photographers and the face should be clearly recognizable.

The compulsory earthquake insurance registration papers

The registration deed if there is one

The document which shows the tax is paid for the house on sale

The documents which are mentioned with details need to be prepared fully and correctly then should be submitted to the authority in the land registry offices. There is another important thing to be careful about. If any of these papers were missing or lost, the process cannot be taken for further and you will have to gather all the papers again and reapply.

Make your appointment before visit

In Turkey, registering processes can be done without making an appointment. but it is crucial, because you may lose time, waiting in a queue. Calling the Call Center 181, you can get an appointment for an exact time or you can visit By the way before your visit do not forget negotiating on paying expenses of the house with the seller or the buyer.

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