Title Deed Fees is More than 10 Billion

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In 2016 the directorate of Registry transferred more than 10 billion as title deed fee income.


City and Urbanism Minister Announced The Amount


City and Urbanism Minister Mehmet Ozhaseki, announced the title deed fee of the ministry in 2016.



Minister Ozhaseki announced that, Title Deeds Registry Office transferred 1o billion 62 million Turkish Lira in 2016. The Minister also stated that, “The highest title deed fee was buying and selling transactions.”

Ozhaseki mentioned that 8 million 277 thousand and 762 transactions were confirmed in the office during 2016. Minister says, “The Ministry is getting ready to introduce projects to increase the efficiency of the office and a better service for the citizens.”


All Transactions are Online


City and Urbanism Minister Ozhaseki also stated that the improvements of the office registry system have been continued and all registrations are other transactions are made online since the last year.

Since the fee income is over 10 billion, it brought arguments about the fees together. Citizens and real estate agents claim that the registration fees are pretty high and there should be correction in terms of fees. In 2017 the increase in real estate has been expected, but the real estate specialists explain that with the high amount of deed fees, the sector cannot reach its real limits and the deeds are very important factor in housing.

The specialists also express that they mentioned their opinion about the deed fees, and they are expecting action grom government.



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