TOKI Sells its 1.521 Houses in April

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The Turkish Housing Development Administration, by its abbreviation TOKI continues to make Turkish citizens dream to be a resident real.  Toki has the aim to produce more than 70 thousand houses within 2018, and it still continues to build in many regions of the Country. Toki decided to sell 1521 of its houses by lottery in cities, İstanbul, Ordu, Ardahan, Karaman, Adana, Elazığ. There are the lists of the products that TOKI sells.


Ardahan City
There are 55 houses in Ardahan that TOKİ will sell out of the 314 residential houses will be completed this year. The sell-by draw will be held on 2nd of the April. 

Ordu City
There are 13 units of 1 + 1 qualified, 71 units of 2 + 1, and 107 units of 3 + 1 qualified, totally 191 houses that TOKİ sells by draw will be held on 5 April. 

Karaman City
There are 25 houses to be sold by TOKİ. The draw will be held on 9 April in Karaman and the apartments in the projects are 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1.

Elazığ City
There are 304 houses will be sold by the draw will be held on 10 April. The houses in the project are 2+1. Payments accepted as cash within 180 month period. There are also 59 more residential houses to be sold in the different area in the city on the same day, the houses in this project are 3+1. 

Adana City
There are 2 + 1, 139 houses and 3 + 1, 144 houses to be sold by TOKİ in Adana City and the draw will be held on 12 April.

İstanbul City
There are 605 houses built by TOKİ in Istanbul Kayaşehir will be sold by a draw which will be held on 25 April. 


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