Torbalı is the New Favorite of the Construction Sector

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The shifting of the industrial focal points to the surrounding districts in Izmir made Torbalı one of the favorite districts for the construction sector. Industrialization in Torbalı accelerated housing growth as well. Public transportation networks such as İzban also make easier to transport to the region. When all these factors come together, the urbanization and transformation in the province have become undeniable. 


1- Urban Transformation in Torbalı

The fact that Izban reached Torbalı and the developing industrial sector necessitated a new identity for the district. For this, a new housing system developed in the center of the Torbalı with build-and-sell policy. However, on the peripheries of the district, big and prestigious residential projects have begun to be built. These new residential projects are pulling up the real estate slab. In this way, Torbalı has become a new favorite of small, medium and large-scale construction companies.

The single storeyed houses with own gardens in Torbalı could not resist the rapid progress of the construction sector. The owners sells their houses to the small-scale construction companies to exchange with an apartment. 

2- Increasing Prices of Houses and Plots

The industrial and construction sector, which has accelerated in recent years in the region, has increased the value of land prices in the district. The average residential square meter sale price in Torbalı increased to 1475 TL. In new and prestigious residential projects, the average square meter price ranges from 2000 TL to 2700 TL.

3- Second TOKİ Project in Torbalı

Towards the end of 2017, the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) made a tender for the project containing 315 houses and 8 shops to be built in Ayrancı Mahallesi. In the past days, the mayor of Torbalı Adnan Yaşar Görmez met with the president of TOKİ Ergün Turan in order to discuss about the second mass housing project in Torbalı. 

Torbalı has advantages and disadvantages for industrialization and urbanization. Making the transportation network of Izmir center and Torbalı more active and qualified will increase the quality of life in Torbalı and become a center of attraction for the future population.


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