Trotsky’s house in Istanbul for sale

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Trotsky’s house is situated on Büyükada Island off the coast of Istanbul. The house belongs to Marxist activist, Leon Trotsky and the same is on the market for sale. This is 1½ century old splendid pile and is enormously located. You can own this house if you arrange to pay $4.4 million which is the initial selling price for this house. This property in Istanbul for sale have 3 floors and an overall area of around 3,600 sq. meter.

The island has conventionally been a destination of asylum for intellectuals, exiles, and Christian minorities of Istanbul. Trotsky who is a great ideologue of the rebellion and also the originator of the Red Army, arrived to Buyukada first time in 1929 later than being excluded Joseph Stalin from USSR. Trotsky lived in the house for many years before enduring his banish to another place and was finally killed in Mexico in the year of 1940.

“This is not the first time when the house has been put on sale but in reality nobody wants to buy it,” as stated by a real estate representative on Buyukada. “Its landlord, who stays in Istanbul, has not performed the required works.”

Architectural campaigners have frequently sounded the fear over the breakdown of legacy in Istanbul, with several buildings just failing because of delayed abandon.

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