Tunnels Of Dudullu – Bostanci Metro Line Met

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Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Uysal, had important explanations at the Dudullu-Bostanci Metro Line Meeting.
Mayor Uysal said, "We have canceled the 6 subway auctions after we came to see you and after the cancellation, there was a controversy about 'it did not go on.' It is not today but I will express it without asking our goal is to make the metro very fast and solve the transportation problems of Istanbul. " 


Emphasizing that they are aiming to realize the metro targets of 1000 kilometers long in Istanbul until 2023, Uysal said:
"Our subway construction in Istanbul does not end before 5-6 years and we want our subway to be completed very fast.One of our company that is doing this here is 6 subway lines that have been canceled. We have invited the companies and we said "We want the subway construction to be done very fast", the companies said, "We have contracts, we already do it." We canceled it. We said to them, 'We want it to be done in time.' In the world, when the metroars end in 3-4 years, why do we end in 7-8 years?
"The expropriation of the companies did not expeditiously be delayed due to the fact that the required permissions were not taken very quickly from organizations such as the Monuments Board". Uysal also said:
"The permission of the expropriation and monumental councils is not the work of the companies but the work of the municipalities. The company says" Let's do our business as a municipality and do your business as a contractor. "Company officials said that they would be pleased with this. The construction of the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Subway will be completed by the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. We have undertaken this and made an additional protocol. We concluded that the Çekmeköy part of the Üsküdar-Ümraniye line, which we have opened in the beginning of the finishing process, had been completed quickly. We decided to make additional protocol with 4 of the 6 subway lines that were canceled.  We are doing an income-generating project work according to the new method with a route change. Likewise, we will continue on the Pendik-Tuzla Subway Line again on the same tender if we agree with the producer company with a small route change. "

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