Two New Tunnels Will Be Constructed Between Bahçesaray And Gevas

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Two tunnels will be constructed between Bahçesaray and Gevas, which are called "the ninth planet", and 100 kilometers of roads will travel 29 kilometers. Two tunnels of 224 million are being built in the Bahçesaray district of Van, called "the ninth planet", due to adverse weather conditions in winter and the road being closed for months.


Bahçesaray, which is called 'the ninth planet' because of its closed road for months, will be connected to the world with its giant tunnel project.
President of the President Gülşen Orhan, with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Gevas-Bahçesaray said that two new tunnels will be made 9 kilometers long. Given the approval of the guide plan of the giant tunnel project, the President's Chief Advisor Orhan stated that the distance between Gevaş and Bahçesaray would fall from 100 kilometers to 29 kilometers and that dreams were realized. "This is a very important project prepared by our Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication. A new route has been established between Bahçesaray and Gevaş. Bahçesaray's approximately 100 kilometers of road, between Gevas-Bahçesaray is 29 kilometers. This road is a 9 kilometer tunnel. There will be two separate tunnels here. One of these tunnels is about 8 kilometers long and the other one is about 9 kilometers long. Tunnel project is over. The Ministry will carry out the contract in the coming days, "he said.

Bahçesaray Governor and Deputy Mayor Mehmet Ozcan who expressed that the most important service for the people of Bahçesaray is the projects related to the road, stated: "I am guessing that Bahçesaray people will be excited about the biggest project way to excite. It is about reaching Gevaş in a 20 minute meeting.  Double road between Gevaş and Van is beautiful. Aside from all the services that can be done for the Bahçesaray citizen, the tunnel project is the most important one. I see the glitter and joy in the eyes of the citizens. I wish the project will be passed on to the nearest time. "

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